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How To Get A Small Business Grant
Show Me The Money!
Small business grants are an entrepreneur’s dream, because they offer money that does not have to be repaid. But finding, applying for and winning small business grants can be daunting. In this webinar, you’ll learn:
● The main sources of grants, including both private and federal grants
● Tools for researching small business grants
● Application tips to increase your chances of being successful
● Is there really free money to start a business?
● The current state of COVID-19 small business grants

The Texas South-West SBDC's have partnered together to bring you expert content to help your small business grow and succeed.
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Gerri Detweiler
Education Consultant @NAV
Nav's Education Consultant Gerri Detweiler has helped myriad business owners understand how to find financing for their business. She's the coauthor of Finance Your Own Business: Get on the Financing Fast Track and she has answered over 10,000 credit and lending questions online.